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How I made a 3D movie about Gibson. Part 2.

Anton Khvalko

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Hello everyone, my name is Anton, I am a vocalist, guitarist, and recently a motion designer. In the last article I wrote that I started making a video about Gibson Les Paul and in this article I will tell you how my work progressed further, what difficulties I encountered and what I have at this stage.


In general, this is no longer a set of gray cubes. All primitive objects in the frame (cube, sphere, etc.) are replaced with final models. You can see an example of the scene as it was originally in the picture below.

A scene filled with primitives.

I had to look for something on the Internet, simulate something myself. It took a lot of time to fill the scenes. My laptop, by modern standards, although not weak, but even he had a hard time. A lot of small details were added to the scenes, which noticeably "sagged" the performance.

An example of a scene with the final models of objects.


The next step was to paint all this in basic colors, taking into account the future lighting. Since I don't use light at this stage of development, many objects had to be painted in the colors they will be illuminated with in the future. That is, if the object itself is gray or brown, but yellow light falls on it, the object should be painted yellow.


After these manipulations, you can see the general picture and imagine what kind of video the final version will have.

Integration of footage

In addition, I plan to add footage that I found on the Internet to the video. It looks, so far, not very neat. but over time, I think everything will look harmonious


Then you can see a few more frames from the future video in comparison with what happened before.


Thank you for reading the post to the end. I hope the article was interesting and you will support me in my endeavors. I will continue to work on this video. There is still a lot of work ahead, and this is good news. After all, not only the goal but also the path to it brings great pleasure.

To be continued.

You can read the original article by clicking on the link .

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