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Trying to identify which model of Gibson SG I have

Anthony Ames

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I bought my Gibson SG 2nd hand back around 1976 from a shop in London. From pictures I've seen, it looks like a 1961-66 Gibson Special, but it has machine heads that look different to the pictures I've seen of Gibson Special guitars. Mine has GIBSON DELUXE engraved on the machine heads (see picture attached), and look a different shape to other Special heads I've seen in pictures. They are the original ones I bought on the guitar, but I have no information about what the previous owner may or may not have changed. The serial  number is a six digit  embossed 779127 with "Made in U.S.A." embossed on the neck.


Anyone able to reliably date it and classify which model it is for me? I'm looking to sell it finally after all these years, so any ballpark figure would be gratefully received,

I live in the UK


Pot number is 1377251 and 70/02/   ... so I'm guessing it was made (DEC) 1972? But I still don't know if it's a Special with deluxe machine heads or what. I'm a complete beginner in doing anything except play it. 

Gibson SG serial number.jpg

Gibson Deluxe machine head smaller.jpg

gibson sg back in case.jpg

Gibson SG body detail.jpg

Gibson SG in case.jpg

gibson sg pot.jpg

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