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Summers windin down,,and man is the news on TV depressing,,all I can say is its  "THE SIGN OF THE TIMES"                                       https://fandalism.com/10kdb/e0vo                                                                                          


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On 9/7/2020 at 6:23 PM, G Mac said:

Hey, 10K! Nice tune! Good sounds on everything...good guitar work! I think it wouldn't hurt to bring the vocals up a bit though. Peace!

Why thank you,,I used an  EPI  G-310 SG  for the tracks,,great guitar,,although I did do some work to it after getting it off Clist for 100$.    The vocal I did 2 trks,,one at a low register,,and one hi register,,panned one to right side,,other left side.   i wanted to hear  the gtrs/bass  trks up as well as vocals,,even blend for all tracks,,if you listen to it on different playback systems,,you may hear the vocals better.   I used Sony 7506 headphones to mix with  and the vocals sounded pretty good,,but we all hear with a different set of ears,,so maybe thats why it sounds as if vocals need to come up,,just a thought.   Rock On !

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