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DUNE Trailer (2020)


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I read the books many years ago - the last one was very silly as he turns into a worm ffs. 

The 1st film was awful IMO, even though the director claimed it had been butchered by post-production editing over which he had no control.   Famous for  - "I Will Kill Him!!" Sting's only line.

This looks much better.  It's a long and complicated story so I hope they've worked out the screenplay.  CGI can now do it justice - I was waiting for the worm and yep, that looks about right.  Timothee Chalamet is going to be a massive star after this.

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I think this new trailer looks interesting.. I read Dune several times and thought it the one of the few things worth reading after Tolkien and Heinlein. I thought the first film was really bad and seemed to have very little to do with what Herbert wrote. The second Dune film, with William Hurt as Duke Leto, that came out int 2000 as a miniseries was much more enjoyable and faithful to the story line. The third Dune a French film that ran out of money in 2013 looked to be promising. So I am hopeful that the new one will be better with good CGI to back it up.

You should read the book to fully appreciate the films..


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I found the first Dune interesting in the fact that it wasn’t another Star Wars, which it followed after.  I’d already read the book several years before, so it was easier to follow the involved story and different characters.  I think at the time a lot of folks were expecting something similar to Star Wars: a continuous line of fast space ships, blazing lasers, strange creatures and explosions.  Dune was very different.  It was dark and moody with music that matched.   It was long and usually moved slowly as it tried (sometimes succeeding and other times failing) to develop and merge the various characters and storylines.  Really  not a movie to hold the interest of kids, like Star Wars.  Star Wars was a fun movie while Dune was kind of dark and sinister.  Anyway, I like the story around the book and I hope the new Dune fills-in some of the holes the first Dune failed to do.  Looking-forward to seeing it.

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