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Hi all,

I would like to have an idea of the value of my son's guitar that I am selling for him, I remember it was a decent price when we bought it in 2001. It is used but in impeccable condition. As far as I can make out it is an Epiphone by Gibson, made in Korea. I can't seem to find a name for its shape.  It seems to be made of a beautiful maple wood with a different wood for the neck, it is black on the back. There are mother of pearl inlays in between the frets and another silver metal inlay in between the screws of a 7-pointed figure a bit like a take away chips box with chips sticking out! There is a serial number on the back U03070315. Any guidance for an asking price would be appreciated. Many thanks.

guitar close up.jpeg

Guitar in case.jpeg

guitar knobs.jpeg

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I found out is wasn't a lespaul shape
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From Epiphone...Your guitar was made at the 
Unsung Plant, Korea
on July, 2003
Production Number: 315

Looks like an SG Standard 61' model. They're around $500 new today. Someone with more knowledge on older Epiphone guitars might know more about it.

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This is a an Epiphone G-400, an SG Standard Plus Top Flame Maple. These were a relatively high end version of the G-400, originally sold for $699 I think.

Info below copied from an add on Mercari..

Epiphone SG Standard Plus Top Flame Maple. This amazing guitar features classic Gibson voiced humbuckers, a glued in set neck and a beautiful flamed maple plus top, mother of pearl trapezoid inlaid and headstock. Almost no noticeable wear and tear in excellent condition. a very few small nicks or scrapes but otherwise in excellent condition.

This a very rare SG model guitar by Epiphone featuring a set neck and stunning flamed Maple plus top. It's set up with low action, plays great and has an amazing tone along with a 4 classic layer pickguard. Premium quality and vintage guitar made in Korea not like current models in China.


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