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Advice wanted re: spotting authentic Zakk Wylde Les Paul


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Hey all,


Ill start off by saying that I did use the search feature, but it doesnt seem to be working for me. No matter what I type in (even "les paul") I get no results. So..Hopefully this isnt a huge repost.


I have been playing a Gibson SG Faded and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom for a while, and came across a local guy selling a Gibson Zakk Wylde Les Paul Bullseye. The price is reasonable for the guitar, but a few things in the posted picture worry me about its authenticity. I asked if he had the orig bill of sale, he replied that he got it a few years ago second hand, so does not have it.


This was the only picture posted.



The parts that worry me the most are:

-The vol/tone knobs (most pictures I looked at dont have that style)

-The ring around the pickup switch (most pics dont have the black ring at all)

-the excessive writing on the pickups where it should (as far as I know) just say EMG


I understand that it is a low quality photo, but this is what Ive got to work with for the time being.


Any advice/direction would be greatly appreciated so I dont waste my time calling this guy and going to see it just to find out its a fake.




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Fake... EMG Hz pickups instead of EMG 81/85 active set (gold logo and silver logo). The selector should have no ring, but he could have installed it... those knobs are not correct either (should be speed knobs)... there are other things, and others that could be found on closer inspection.


...and Zep wasnt using those letters back in 77 so the flag is a fake too (actually I just made up the flag stuff; but the guitar is fake).

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It was actually a trade for my SG which I had posted. I knew right off the bat that it was probably too good to be true, but I thought I'd investigate anyways (alot of silly people out there who dont know the value of stuff that is given to them).


It turns out he actually didnt know it was fake, wasnt a scam. I exchanged some emails with him calling him out on trying to trade me a fake, and he basically responded saying "I didnt know that, Ill have to talk to the guy that I got it from". He now has it on the same local selling site labeled clearly as a copy - which still isnt right, but he isnt trying to scam.


FYI - I did get the final nail in the coffin in a picture he sent me later on. It was of the back of the headstock, the serial number was stamped into the headstock instead of printed in ink. Pretty sad.



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This model and the supreme seem to be the most faked models out there...





That's right, and I find it strange... those 2 models being the most difficult to nail as they have some characteristic specs (like the lack of backplate on the supreme and the emg active pickups on the ZW)... why would they choose those models? Why not a Slash model?


Youo know that's where the real money is... Slash models... they could just stamp "slash" on any counterfeit and when anyone says it's a fake beacuse of (instert incorrect part here) then they can say "you are wrong, this is the new slash #753 signature... the difference with #752 and all previous slash sigs is that it has an epi bridge, which Slash likes better"

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