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Need help to confirm 2014 Gibson SG Special


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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if you could help me identify a Gibson SG that I found for sale that I'm interested in but need some clarification from you the experts.
It’s a 2014 SG Special but has some things that seem off to me. As I understand it, the Special that year came with creme poker chip, creme pickup rings, speed knobs and no pickguard however this one seems to be fitted with the all those items from the standard model.
The seller claims that he bought it new as is at that time but hasn't produced an invoice to confirm.
Do you know if this model was sold this way that year? (maybe a special edition?).






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I am no expert on SGs, but it certainly looks like a Standard with a "Special" truss rod cover.  It would look odd to me if it had cream plastics, seems like a nice guitar - not sure what features a "special" might have that you would be missing?  I thought SG specials  usually had P-90 pickups?

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The 12th fret marker and all the other details reveal it to be a 2014 Gibson SG , for sure.

The Standard for that year had edge binding on the neck/fingerboard, and black poker chip, black pickup rings, those hat knobs,  a black plain truss rod cover, and the black pickguard.

The Special for that year had NO edge binding on the neck/fingerboard, cream poker chip, cream pickup rings, speed knobs,  the 'Special' truss rod cover, and no pickguard.

The simple assumption is that it's a Standard, and somebody put the Special truss rod cover on it, as Twang Gang observes. 
That would be an odd choice, since the Standard is a much more expensive guitar than the Special. 
There is also a possibility that it's a Special, and some previous owner changed out all the black bits for cream, changed out the knobs, and added the pickguard. 

The tell of the tale is in the edge binding on the neck. I can't make it out from those photos, pndamonium. 


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