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Help --> rare old Epiphone

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Hi eveyone!,

I cant indentify this Epiphone. There is a seller very  close from my town, and i am interested in buying it.

The plate says its from Japan.

But this serial code, says something different:

Serial number: 326257
Production year: 1965
Made by Epiphone (Gibson) in Kalamazoo, USA.

Six digit serial numbers
From 1961 to early 1970, Epiphone used 6-digit serial numbers in the Gibson serial number line. However, many serial numbers were duplicated during this period, making the exact production year difficult to trace. It is certain that the models with a 6 digit serial number starting with 0 were produced in 1967.

Maybe this guitar has mods ... but I cant find a similar one

Anyone knows anything about ?

Thanks a lot !!








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It appears to be an ET series from around 1970-75. 

Serial numbers from this period are difficult to read and no real dating process, places like guitar dater are almost useless.

My biggest problem with ot is the apparent scale length? Unless its a baritone that seems a fair distance and way further than a normal bridge position on pictures I've seen of the ET series. Almost looks like a bass converted to 6 string.

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It does look like a variation of the ET-270, which Epiphone seems to have made a few different models that look like they used Teisco bodies and a standard Teisco neck plate. Also noticing the bridge seems to be in an unusual place, but then the fingerboard only has 20 frets so the bridge could be in the right place for this guitar. These early Japan Epiphones tend to not have the best hardware but are collectible.

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