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I have a guitar in a warehouse that is not humidified or heated or airconditioned. Is this going to


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Yes take it out right now and DO NOT OPEN THE CASE. Make sure it has been somewhere warm and safe for at least 5 or 6 hours before even looking at it.


Immediately take it to a respected guitar tech or luthier in your general area.


I hope there was no damage. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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How does YOUR guitar wind up in a warehouse for months at a time?

Sounds like a f-ed up deal to me....




Think about this - those guitars leave the factory every week, no matter the weather.

The freight lines that haul them do not have climate controlled trucks so they will suffer whatever Mother Nature has.


Gibson tunes them a half step flat to compensate for this before shipping, so the string tension doesn't get extreme.

Lower tension will be alleviated when the guitar is properly tuned, with no lasting effects.


When delivered to dealers in sub-freezing or 120 degree temps (I'm in Arizona) the guitars are left in their case to slowly acclimate to the store environment. If any damage is permanent at that time, then Gibson is on the hook.


Leaving a guitar in the case for months is a bad idea anyway, if the action needs adjustment you won't know.

In humid environs (I was in Houston for 15 years) mold will grow in the case and on the guitar, not to mention rust.

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