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Fake Gibson Memphis ES 335s on Amazon?

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Hi. I have noticed a number of  " Gibson Memphis ESDP15CHNH1 2015 ES-335 Electric Guitar " listings on Amazon uk at the website. An example is at   


The price quoted is £715 for used as new condition. The seller is shown as located in Germany.

Presumably these must be fakes at such a low price?

Does anyone know anything about them to confirm that?


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Looked at the link you posted.

1) Looks too good to be true so probably is too good to be true.

2) Sellers are neither Gibson dealers or even music shops.  And there are a couple of UK postcodes there too.

3) This model originally retailed a lot higher, about 3 times as much.

4) The reviews do NOT state from where the reviewed guitar(s) were bought.  However one review implies the guitar received was a returned item. 

5) Should come with a case, or at very least a Gibson-branded gigbag. Not mentioned.

6) Same seller is also advertising this:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gibson-Memphis-ES7D15VBNH1-ES-175D-Electric/dp/B00SLPEH4Q/ref=pd_sbs_267_5/257-8878415-7449757?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00SLPEH4Q&pd_rd_r=e188da5d-ee79-4cf8-a477-cfa0fdcadb57&pd_rd_w=6oMr6&pd_rd_wg=955wn&pf_rd_p=b9bf232d-9a8a-4c7d-aa9d-641c0995d3a2&pf_rd_r=XJRJJRZDMKJVQ1A7H5GA&refRID=XJRJJRZDMKJVQ1A7H5GA&th=1

Notice 2 different prices if you look - one low, one more like the real price.  No Gibson ES175 (new or used, in good condition) would EVER be that cheap (below £1k).

I am not sure what sort of deal this is except that it's not a good deal for any prospective buyer.  You could try emailing them and asking why it is so cheap.

The only possibilities I can think of is that someone with a connection to a music shop has got hold of some returned faulty Gibson guitars, and has decided to try their luck, or that the guitars advertised are Chinese copies - "Chibsons".  Or even perhaps that you will pay your money and simply not get the goods, seller will then vanish.

Avoid this dodgy 'deal'. 

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