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Heavier Strings and Top Wrap Pulling Up Stud Inserts


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I've been using a heavier gauge string (11-50) on my Epi Les Paul Special II with good results. Tried the top wrapping technique and am also satisfied with it but noticed that the stud inserts for the tailpiece is pulling up slightly from the body with the increased tension and angle. Prior to restringing I'd noticed that the stud insert on the treble side was up slightly and tried hammering back down flush with the body with no results. After restringing and top wrapping, noticed the bass side pulling up slightly as well. Don't know if this should be something of concern or not or if it's just my guitar OCD annoying me. Anyone else have this situation?

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Well, it's a lot more tension and an angle bridges aren't really designed for, compounded by the fact that a LP Special II doesn't come with the world's highest quality bridge, AFAIK.

But I don't know if that would cause the stud to come loose. Bend the posts, maybe. 

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