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Posted some new pics of the collection.


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Finally got around to it, what a pain in the ***!


Anyhow, in my Flick'r account I have like a million pics that never got sorted out.

I finally did it, now there are some better shots of some of the stuff if anybody is interested.

I see I've had 3,448 hits on the site, so I guess it's worth having up, eh?


Feel free to post links to your own gear so we can learn and compare.


No telling what some of you guitar hounds might have stashed under the bed....




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Thanks guys!





Nice guitars Neo' date=' you are one lucky man!

How does Danelectro 59 sound, i saw one of those for sale for $450 was going to get it.[/quote']

Dem00n, I do have to give you youngsters a quick lesson though....

(I can hear it now.... "Aw man!! C'mon.... Do we hafta?")


No luck there, other than actually finding a couple of them.

All were bought and paid for with cold, hard cash - much more dependable than luck my young guitar Dude....


Anyhow, I appreciate the sentiment and I enjoy them immensely. Even my wife (non-player) enjoys the searching/collecting.

Make sure your girlfriend does too - if she doesn't and you marry her, you're fxcked.




The Dano is a kick to play, for such a cheap guitar they work very well - probably better than the originals.

$450 seems kinda high, I paid half that.


The black ones fetch big money on Ebay because Jimmy Page played one, his was an original.

He used it primarily for slide, to great effect.

Mine is a reissue from the late nineties, and I like them more than the brand new ones that are out now.

Several differences in them, notably the stacked volume tone controls are not on the new ones.


Makes a difference, offers a lot of versatility having the pickups wired in parallel and the controls stacked like that.

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