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CJ165 or J165?


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I've always liked the looks of Gibson's compact jumbo CJ165.  I notice a guy on reverb selling one who says:

"If you've done your research, Gibson only made [the CJ165] for one year then switched to the J-165"

Well, my research shows that despite sellers advertising them as J165's, the labels on 2007 and 2008 guitars show "CJ165."  (If sellers would show a pic of the label more often, I'd have more to go on.  I couldn't find a 2006 that showed the label clearly.)  The 2007 I saw is maple-backed, and the 2008 is rosewood-backed, but both labels show CJ165.  (It might have been nice if Gibson differentiated them!)  Then later, at which point it's hard to say, at least in 2012 I see a label with just "J165," and that's with rosewood.  Why the change?  It's still a CJ, right?

 I'm happy with my 17" lower bout Guild jumbos, but if I hit the powerball, I'll be in the market for a CJ165.  Important to me would be the ebony fingerboard, which apparently only appears on early models.  When did they switch to rosewood fingerboards?  Did they make both ebony and rosewood fingerboards during the same year? 

Anyway, I want one.

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