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Came upon this scene on a walk with my lovely down the boardwalk on Lake Champlain during sunset on a September Eve a few years ago. 

Thankfully, my Canon 20D was with us, otherwise, I'd have missed this one.



A harvest Moon rising over the southern coast of Maine.


Early Autumn along the roadside in Kennebunkport ME.


Sunset at Nubble Light, York ME.


Early winter snowfall, warm enough for the snow to stick to the trees, this was taken about 7:00 am. before the sun could melt it all away

this was originally shot with Kodachrome 25, then scanned to an img file.  it lost some of it's magic in the scan.  the original slide is gorgeous, 


Mr. Moon in full...


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My white dot in the sky seemed stationary to the southwest of Maunakea west of my house. Captured on video on my phone, I watched it until I got tired of it, there was not supposed to be anything there and did not seem to be moving, I thought it could be a SpaceX satellite, they are supposed to be very bright when deploying before they go dark.. This was in my sky about a month ago..


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This is one of my favourite ever pictures I took when I was in South Africa in a Lion Park.. We were able to stroke and play with these little fellas.. 


And yes this is me.. Looking several years younger. What a privilege to have experienced that.


And my own little tiger I had at home . He was so photogenic it was hard to take a bad picture of him 🙂




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I took these early one morning (yep, insomnia again) going for the light trails over the M27.

I posted the 1st one on FB, and asked people what they thought the 4 little green lines (right hand lane) were. There was nothing there in fact. I was hoping for some spooky theories.

Someone said 'glowworms', another said they looked like 'pause, & skip forward & backwards buttons' 


I said they could be 3 road workers hi-viz jackets.  2 bent over working & the standing one is saying "we haven't put out the cones yet!!"


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Night photography is fun..  Normally I'd say those "green" lights is lens flare or some thing where the light was bouncing around inside the lens elements..  but, there's only one spot in the photo where anything green close to that color is visible..  (up in the top right between the bright white lights).  so a wee bit of mystery!

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I found an artistic rendering of my Broadway, (which I no longer have in my possession)  this was taken in my studio room with the gutiar on wall hanger.

Some cool reflections of the lights in the room on the various reflective surfaces.  this was a long exposure (a few seconds) using a very small f/stop to increase depth of field, keeping all things in sharp focus.


Here's a shot using a 100mm f2.8 marco lens.  not even sure what the flower is.. something my wife had on our deck,


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