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lets have your photos

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Came upon this scene on a walk with my lovely down the boardwalk on Lake Champlain during sunset on a September Eve a few years ago.  Thankfully, my Canon 20D was with us, otherwise, I'd have mis

Spotted this little guy in my side yard one morning:

One of my favorites of my grandson and my Ozzy  

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12 hours ago, SteveFord said:

I'm pretty sure everything in Australia can.

Great shot, that must have been exciting to see that bird just pop out.

We spent 5 weeks in Australia in a class B camper van.  We saw every animal we wanted and planned our trip to do that. Platypus and Cassowary were two that needed the most planning and the most luck. We were lucky.

Yes, they can kill you. They have strong legs and a sharp middle to that can gut you with one kick. They recommend you put a tree between you and the bird. We were in a van, I hung out the window and took about a dozen shots. That was the only keeper.

Here is a bird from the USA - Everglades National Park. Roseate Spoonbill


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Langstone Harbour. About 20 (car) minutes away from me. I took photos here over 40 years ago & they look no different from these now. Its also about 40 years since I was last in the Royal Oak. 

I have a century old photo somewhere of this scene showing it utterly frozen up with great chunks of ice where the water should be. The Mill was in ruins then. I must try to find it.



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