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Gibson strings sold out?

Peter Z

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Last year when the rumor ran about the halt of these strings, I ordered a good handful here and there. Some in China, some in Canada, both 80/20 and Ph. B.'s.

Remember zoom-checking the packs when they arrived and finding minor variations. Will examine them again due to this thread. 

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On 9/30/2020 at 10:05 PM, Peter Z said:

Good to know, thanks.

Servus Peter!

I´m located in Germany, "Musikhaus Thomann" is my main supplier but even they have no Gibson acoustic strings. Sad situation as I just got used to the coated Phosphoe Bronze version and I liked it better than any other coated versions with exception of Martin LifeSpans. They kept the "fresh" sound even on Gibsons which are not played very often. I have made the observation that uncoated strings seem to change the surface on a longer timescale even in the guitar case. 

Are there any recommendations for a replacement of the relatively new coated Gibson strings?

Greetings from Bavaria!

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Servus docr,

yes I know, Thomann ran out of the coated PB And the MB. Doesn’t even mention a possible delivery date. I bought 2 sets of their SAG strings and they are listed as sold out too now.
I would also be very interested in a replacement.

Greeting from Vienna

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