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Wildkat Strings Hitting Bridge Pickup


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Hi, new here! Great forum. Apologies if this has been discussed. I wasn't able to find info on it. 

I recently acquired a Wildkat in a gear trade & I absolutely love it! Today I came across a deal on another one in wine red that I couldn't pass up. 

The issue I'm running into is when trying to bring down the action the strings are buzzing on the bridge pickup. There's a very noticeable difference between how far the pickup protrudes from one to the other. 



I'm not sure if it's a warped body or if they're just made differently from year to year. Any advice on remedying the issue is most appreciated. Thanks!

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Never come across this problem before. Usually, the dogears need raising instead of lowering. For that reason 'shims' are used under the pickup.

I suggest removing the pickup and check if any shim has been installed. If so you can remove it.


If not, I'm not sure what to suggest as your covers are metal and cant be fettled back. You really dont want to do any mod that is invasive to the guitar body.

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Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately, the bridge pickup is even on both sides. I'm not sure if the body warped at some point or if this one just came off the line arched slightly. 

I'm considering filing the casing down or just going with a different pickup set or bridge pickup altogether.  

If I were to grab a new pickup(s) does anyone have any recommendations for a Wildkat?


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A up-bowed neck can cause this because it raises the height of the nut relative to the bridge, tempting you to lower the bridge to bring the strings down, which might otherwise work but for the pickup being in the way.  Action too high at the nut can also create this situation.   

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