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GoldTop Serial number help

dream of yes

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My neighbor sold me an old Goldtop Les Paul that he had sitting around in a closet for decades. He says he bought it for his son-in-law in the 80's, but the kid never played it. Serial number is printed on headstock "3 0181". The paperwork that came with it says model 3-0181, Lot 3153.  Les Paul Standard HG Reissue. (photo attached.)

I've attached photos including the pots attached to the nobs inside the body.

When was this made? Thank you for helping me!






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15 hours ago, dream of yes said:

Thanks for responding!

It says Gibson - A division of Norlin Industries.

Yikes! I was just reading about Norlin Gibsons - I guess this guitar isn't from a good era.


Not necessarily; generally speaking many Norlin Gibsons are fine guitars, are becoming increasingly sought after and appreciating in value . 

Norlin sold Gibson in 1986 (?) so this confirms that your guitar was made prior to then, and most likely in late 1983.  By the early 80s Norlin-owned Gibson had begun to reverse the decline and the Les Paul reissues - the company flagship, so to speak - were getting much better.

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