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J45 Studio Walnut Burst


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Got it Friday.  Never thought I would mail order a guitar, but this all worked out great.

I really love it, sounds great and plays like butter.  Couldn't be happier with the finish.

I hulled many a walnut as a kid, glad to see something really useful done with it. lol


In case two (480x640).jpg

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My grandmother used to recall hulling walnuts for the shells that were used in gas masks during WWI.

Anyway, congrats on the new guitar!

Back when the guy from Levis got the call to head Gibson I made a crack that given his reputation for pushing the company to produce tight fitting yoga pants it would not be long until we saw new slim line guitars.  

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I hate to even ask this question, it would be like asking what's the best oil to use in my Harley, but;

So I'm told that my new J45 studio came with .012-.053 Gibson brand phosphor bronze strings.

I find the tone a tad bright.  I planned to put d'addario EJ16's on it.  As I put them on everything I have...

I have tried coated strings in the past, I don't care for them. 

Been my experience 80/20's would just brighten it more, I was kind of surprised when they told me the strings on it where phosphor bronze.

What would you recommend to knock the edge off?

I am not complaining, it really sounds good, we find it really easy to sing with.  But you know...

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On 10/6/2020 at 6:56 PM, zombywoof said:

My grandmother used to recall hulling walnuts for the shells that were used in gas masks during WWI.

Wish I understood this in detail. Better look up vintage gas-masks. 


On 10/8/2020 at 2:18 PM, Seagull said:

I would call the tone Walnut Honey...

Great - then everything is 'xactly how it should be. Congrats, , , and don't feel shy about setting up a demo-clip. 

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I have the natural J-45 Studio.  First - congratulations on that fine guitar.  I have said this before, but I really like the narrow body. To me, what an 000-18 is to a Martin D-18, so the J45 Studio is to the J45.  Its comfortable, has the Gibson sound and thump, and still enough bass.

I have Martin Lifespan PB Lights coated on mine, and have had so for a few months. They sound great, and certainly not too bright. 





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