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Do you recognize these fellows?


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C may be a guy who a signature guitar some if us all love is named after with the initials L P, and was married to a girl named Mary, but she is not the charming one from Canoga Park who does wet t-shirt contests.

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You guys guessed most of them.

I'm sure I never could have.

A Leo Fender
B Jim Dunlop
C Les Paul
D Jim Marshall

It started when I looked up some photos of Leo Fender, and said to myself, "Man. I couldn't have picked him out of a lineup. And he changed everything back in the day."

So I dug for some old photos, and offered up a fun quiz.

Les Paul was the wild card.
I had to find a really old photo in order to trip-up anybody there, since he was so recognizable as an adult.


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