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Focus by Kramer

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I picked her up at a local pawn shop in mid-August for $160, and I haven't posted about her on this forum until now.

Two reasons;
Details on this make and model are scarce,
it's such a fabulous and nearly-perfect Strat copy that I wanted to evaluate it for a while before I shared her.

Focus by Kramer 111M, made in Korea, probably from the 1990's, give or take.
Awesome condition, and fitted with Kramer Dual Rail single coils and a Kramer Quad Rail humbucker.

To the first thing, I just can't find much on these guitars.
There are a lot of 111S's out there, but no 111M's.
My research and the serial number tells me she might've been made in 1989.

I have no idea if the grey pearloid pick guard is original or not, but the fit and finish tells me it's OEM.

To the other, man oh man, this may be the most complete Strat I have ever owned.
(And I have owned a few, including a US made Fender Stratocaster Sandblasted.)

Versatile, great neck feel, low action, stays in tune, and the bottom tone knob coil-taps the humbucker.
Weighs a heavy 7 lbs, 14 ounces and has a 25 ½ “ scale length.

And buddy, I can't put it down.

If anybody has ever owned one, please share some wisdom with me.













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