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Holy crap thats stunning..  Puts my new car to shame 🙂   

I would kill myself in a car like that. My new car is only a 1.4 but it has a turbo and I already have found myself doing a few naughty manoeuvres that I would never have tried in my old car.

I am also having to get used to all of the buttons and flashing lights. I sometimes feel like I am driving a fruit machine  😄 But I am getting all more used to it slowly (been about two weeks now). One thing I hate is it has this forward detection system which alerts you when you are too close to something or if someone walks out in front of you or something. I turned it off today as it went off a few times with nothing in front of me.

But yeah.. Happy driving man, Thats the stuff of dreams for most of us.

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There's not enough 'like' buttons here for that one.

GM is going to build them in right-hand drive too - apparently the mid-engine layout makes changing steering and front end components relatively simple.

Looking forward to seeing them here in Australia in 2021.

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My Black 2005 Corvette Coupe has 23,000 miles on it & thought I'd sell it & get a 2020. I've had a 2020 on Order since January.. I'm getting anxious... Especially after seeing that they're finally starting to arrive!!! Where's mine?

I'm happy for you. Congrats! I know you'll enjoy that Super Car!

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