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How many instruments can you play?


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Guitar' date=' Banjo Uke, Piano, Cello, Trumpet, some drums. The only instrument I really keep up with is Guitar though. [/quote']



I know what your saying. I can play bass the best. I can play chords on the guitar( I write most of the bands songs on guitar) I can play drums at a itermediate level. And trombone is just easy.

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1) Saxophone (tenor, alto, soprano and bari)

2) Wind synthesizer

3) Guitar

4) Flute

5) Bass

6) Keyboards

7) Drums

8) Vocals (does that count here?)

9) Computer (sequencer)


I don't have the stamina for drums anymore since I don't have a set, but I could get that back in a few weeks if needed. I've done all of the above professionally and still do most on stage.



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Guitar and cowbell




I'll just stick with what I can play well (well at least decent enough to call myself that type of player). First, I'm a classically trained (turned jazz) pianist and second, I'm a guitarist (can't play jazz or classical at all on that but I do OK with the blues and rock I guess).

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I loved picking on a bowl-back mandolin when I was tiny - it was the perfect size for my hands.


After that (about 9 years-old) I played the clarinet and tenor sax a bit with varying degrees of success/failure.


After I discovered guitar I didn't look back much.


Oddly enough, I've just (2 weeks ago) brought the mandolin & stuff down to London - after the death of my father - and my daughter (4 1/2) is showing an interest in the mandolin so it may be a case of 'full circle'!

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I can play (or play *at*) most of the keyboard instruments--piano, organ, harpsichord--but my main instrument is the piano. I can strum enough on the guitar to use it to write on occasion. And I have an extremely basic ability on the violin.

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