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AJ100ce vs AJ220sce


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Hi guys,

I`m anything but new in music, but it is my first dive into the guitar world. I am trying to pick my very first guitar, and  I am struggling with this choice. The price difference between these two guitars is not enormous, but I am wondering  is the difference in quality big? I am guessing that the solid top of AJ220sce makes a big difference in sound. I would appreciate any feedback! 


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The AJ100 will be all laminate...I own an AJ100 and LOVE it, it sounds deep and beautiful and is much more stable than the AJ220 I owned and sold in which the top buldged out and was ruined. I sold that. I had the AJ100 set up, plays like butter, and never warps with heat and humidity. The 200 will sound brighter, and a bit better tome but not by a mile thats for sure. Both sound great....the 100 is rock solid, and tolerates heat and humidity  fluctuations better. The 220 with the solid top will require careful humidification, and should not be over humidified as this will cause top buldge as it did in mine which ruined its tone and look. That will not happen on the 100 model with the laminated top. If you are used to humidifying a guitar to about 48 degrees year round, then the 220 would be a great choice, if not, perhaps the 100 is the better deal. Good luck.

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I own one laminate top guitar.  All the rest are solid topped.  A laminate top guitar will sound good in your living room, but if you take it out to a larger open mic room or jam or gig, it will sound thin.  A solid top guitar will have a much fuller sound in a larger room environment and if you are at a songcircle or jam where others have solid top guitars, won’t sound thin in comparison.  But, laminate topscan sound quite good in a house setting, but so not have the resonating capability that a solid top has.

For the small price more that the 220 model costs, I highly suggest getting the solid top guitar.  You’ll end up upgrading to a solid top guitar at some point.  I wouldn’t be concerned about humidifying problems with a 220.  It’s not like it’s an expensive hand made guitar with a nitro finish.  It’s a well built machine made guitar with a solid top and a hard poly finish and a great neck, for a very reasonable price that can hold its own in any environment.

I hope this helps.


QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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