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1980 heritage elite vol/tone metal cover.

slab man

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Yes - its Earth Shielding metal cover , used 1972-1983 and I wish they still employed it.


or better still - use conductive paint in the control cavity and tie it to earth ground - like everyone else these days


The shielding prevents RF noise and helps with those situations where you get tremedous "buzz" when you are not touching the strings.


This type buzz is actually unique per individual and location.


Basically the human body is 60% water - which is an electrical conductor.


Your body resonates with any stray EMI fields in the area - from nearby AC power lines, or Cell phones or RF noise.


You hold the guitar in close proximity, but if you do not touch the strings your "ungrounded" body radiates hum into any unshielded electronics - like the hot lugs on the volume pot , so you complain of "noise and hum and buzzes " when you let go of the strings. Most electric guitars have grounded strings - to provide a path to electrically ground the player , and minimize the human body EMI hum source.


A guitar with fully shielded electronics is a joy to play - because when you let go of the stings - no hum kicks in. It allows you to play harmonics, let go of the strings and wiggle the neck at high volume - with no hum anomalies. These guitars are rare - and it means leaving the P.A.F metal pickup covers on.

I recommend leave the metal cover on your Les paul in place, let it do its job it was designed to do.

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