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someday I was googling around and  I found a video of a certain famous bass player on youtube.

I found it very funny and really good at playing. so after a lot a guitars I said myself: "I want a bass".

I was tired of using a sinth for the bass part of my recordings. I found one that I like, spent like a dinner at a good restaurant, But I can't find any information about it...

Can somebody help me? one of the pots has a coil tapping or splitting or whatever....

thanks a lot


p.s. SLAP LIKE NOW! 😄 😄 😄


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The picture is of a 90's musicyo.com Kramer.  They had a 4 string and 5 string Baretta that had neck through construction and the same "Dual Rail" pickups along with this 4 string with the bolt on construction, but I don't remember the model name.  If you are not familiar with musicyo.com, it was Gibson's attempt to sell Korean made instruments with the recently acquired Kramer and Tobias names via online retailing.  These were only available online, and were sold at quite reasonable prices.  If you search internetarchives, you can find some of the musicyo web pages for information on the various models.  The Baretta basses had the same pickups but also had a neat 5 way switch that moved each pickup between series, parallel and single coil, so that in conjunction with the two volume controls, you could get a lot of tones.  The same pickups and switching was used on the early 2000's Epiphone EB 5 (5 string bass) and Ephiphone  Les Paul 5 string bass.  Most of the Kramer guitars sold by musicyo.com had "Quad Rail" pickups, that was pretty innovative at the time.

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