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A look at my J200 Montana Gold


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10 hours ago, Leonard McCoy said:

The J-200 can do it all. Not just a big, bold strummer.


Actually, when I want a more subdued sound -   I take my SJ-200 Maple down off the wall and leave the H'Bird TV and J-45 Koa up there for another day.  It has a deeper, broader sound  comes out of the sound hole and hangs there in front where I can see it - doesn't try to reach out to the squirrel in the backyard.

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That's a very nice J200 Larry.  Love all the appointments on the headstock.. Beautiful..     Looks like the pickguard wont lift either..  And those tuners are Grover Imperials if my eyes don't fail me.

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Larry, I think this is a very classy looking guitar. It has sort of an old-timey look to it, which I'm drawn to. Sounds good too!

Don't worry about having eight Gibsons. There are a LOT of worse material objects to spend one's money on. Cars come to mind...



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That's a beauty and I know you will enjoy it for years to come.  I had a J-200 Standard (maple) with a beautiful tone, but for some reason I didn't get along so well with it, but I got a great trade value for it and have since found my Gibson nirvana with a Hummingbird.

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