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Hey people, I'm very happy to be here with you all and talk and read about Gibson. I have a 1956 ES-225T and a 2007 SG. Both fantastics guitars.

What brings me here ... A 1967 Dove or probably a fake one that i bought in may 2020. I need your help to tell me more about my real / fake (????) Dove. 

I bought that old guitar from a guy name James Savey in Montréal. This man told me that old Gibson was in his family for decades and he decided to sell it cause he was playing electric only. At the same time, i was looking for an old guitar to restore. The old Dove is a player and she had hard time in the past as the tuners were changed, the back of the neck and the headstock were sanded. And yes, there is fret wear and the vernish on top is crack. But what a nice guitar and the perfect project for me in this Covid period of time.

Bought it for 2K. Fantastic deal no? 

First thing I did at home was to had a look on the truss rod. Wow, the truss rod cover is not original! There's 3 holes for the cover and the seller put a 2 holes cover? What the f--k?

I tried to find a 1967 truss rod cover with 3 holes and I found one already sold on reverb.

Gibson Dove 1975 truss rod cover | Dancing Man Music | Reverb

Then a friend told me my old Dove was a copy!!!! I contacted Gibson, send pics and Terry Greene confirm the diagnostic : he thinks it's a fake.

There's a serial number on the back of the headstock : 063999 but no «Made in USA». The logo seem very real Gibson inlay. The bridge seem to be a real one too but it's adjustable. I saw some like this on the net.

I dont know what to think. Is it a real or a copy? If it's a copy who is the maker? If it's a copy, how much does it worth?

I tried to contact the seller James Savey to know more about the guitar and he doesn't call me back.

Thanks for your help





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Hi and Welcome.


So about that Dove.. if you bought that for 2k and it turns out to be counterfeit  it is little wonder the seller is avoiding contact.

Most "Fakes" are $300/350 no more than $400/500 usually.  I hope that's not fake...

you could post your query here: https://forum.gibson.com/forum/40-gibson-acoustic/

Lots of experts there than can pick that apart a bit.. be prepared to offer more photos.

the most important acid test is what lies under the truss rod cover...  if that uses a 5/16 hex wrench, chances are very good that it's good  if it uses an Allen wrench, not good.. you have a counterfeit.



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