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Hey all! Just wanted to say hi. 

My name is Corey. I am the lead singer/guitar player for the band Hire The Puppets. 

I was looking for a new guitar early in 2020 and after looking at a while lot of the same ol same ol, I saw that Zzounds also sold Kramer. Remembering the cool Kramer guitars of the 80's and 90's, I took a look. There wasn't much at the time. But I saw this Orange (Tangerine) candy painted Les Paul style guitar called the Assult Plus. Came stocked with coil splitting  Seymour Duncans, locking tuners, maple neck with no markers. Just all kinds of awsome! So, I got it! It's now my main guitar. Had a friend  who does pinstriping on classic cars do some pinstriping on the guitar. Looks amazing! 

Ended up loving it so much that I got another Kramer for a back up guitar. It's lower end Kramer but I'm a putting the same Duncan pickups in it and some new tuners and maybe a new switch. It's not that bad the way it is but it does have a few issues. Especially the tuners. Its going to be a great guitar. Got to get it to my pinstripe friend as well! 

I thought I'd stop in here and see what the Kramer community is all about as I am all in for these new Kramer guitars! 



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