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1999 Standard Honey Burst


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I have this guitar that I want to buy. 1999 Standard Honey Burst. Any comments? Serial # 91749323 

I have also posted another one that I have here and do not know which one to buy. The other one I am looking is a 2004 Standard Root Beer. Which one should I choose? Better to have a 1999 vs 2004? price is the same. 

Thank you, 

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There is no real way to know without playing them both first..  All guitars are a bit different in their exact setup and neck profile... I would probably go for the older one but you never know.. Nice looking guitar though.

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I'd go for the 99.  Cosmetically it's much better than the 04.  Not sure about the pickups, those may have been 490R 498T, which personally I think are great sounding pickups.

the 04 would probably be some kind of a burst bucker

That's all assuming these were not modified.


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99 would be worth a shot first to me. All comes down to what you like in your hands. Pay attention to condition too when buying used. Frets have life or no high frets you will have to spend money/time addressing, very importantly does truss rod work, warps/twists in neck, crack repairs... Both might even be dogs so prepare for that. Overall both LOOK nice and legit so best to try things out as much as possible before pulling the trigger on a buy. You know what you can handle so best advice is to do what I mentioned. 

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