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Fake Gibson SG ?

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Hi community

My uncle game me this guitar many years ago, now I dont use it anymore and I´m wondering if it´s a real Gibson SG , as the serial number shows up. And If it is original, how much does it worth considering that it´s broken and my uncle made some modifications. 

Also I couldnt find so may Gibson guitars with dots in the arm face.

Regards and thanks for the info.


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Looks authentic. 

A 1971 Gibson SG Professional.  

Originally had two black P90 pickups. 
One has been removed, a white P90 installed in the bridge position, and an aftermarket (or hand-made) pick guard was added to cover up the neck pickup cavity. 
The original tuners have been replaced, obviously. 

The dot inlays are period-correct. 
The Bigsby and control plate are original, though the micro-switch is an add on. 
And that bridge is a later addition. 

It's broken and beat to ****, and Fjestad's Blue Book would value it at $500 USD. 
(If it were Mint Condition and unbroken, it could fetch $1,500 easily. )


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Hi Don a little late responding but feel like i can add a bit to the other response:

- definitely a 70s gibson professional

- if you take the pickguard off, there should be a cavity for the neck pickup. the pickguard is a replacement

- the white bridge pickup is a replacement p90

- knobs have been replaced

- bridge has been replaced

- tuners have been replaced. 

Now, about the neck. Neck breaks just like that are really common on gibson electrics, and it looks like your uncle fixed it himself, spray painting the crack to make it look better. if it has had strings on it for a long time and they've been at tension, it could be stable. It is worth having a professional confirm. any luthier that has been working on electric guitars for a while has definitely seen this before. 

Right now it is not worth much of anything to anyone but you- if it is special because of your family connection, it is worth keeping. If you replace parts, you will probably not get your money back if you try to sell it. But it could be fun to have all fixed up and ready to play! Good luck- here is one in original condition

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