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MAMA (an original on my J200)

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During all this lockdown crap I've been working on songs.  Stealing ideas and lines from old song I never completed and finding places for them to fit by kind of going a different direction.  Anyway, this is called "Mama."  Recorded straight in to my IPAD.


MAMA.........written by Larry Garrett

Ma(C9)ma, I left at an early (Am) age.

(C) I guess, just a young man’s (Dm)rage.  (G)

(F) You and daddy begged me to stay,

(C)But I had to do things my own way.

(G) Mama, my pride took center (C) stage.


Mama, I rarely came back home.

Hardly ever called you on the phone.

And I wasn’t there when Daddy died.

Who’d of believed my excuses and lies?

Mama, it was easier to roam.


(Dm) Mama, it’s twenty years since Daddy (C) died, 

and (G) now again you’re at (C) his side.  

And (Dm) Mama, I’m feelin’ (Am) blue.  

(G) Wish I’d spent more time with (Em)  Daddy and (C) you.


Daddy used to say, “Son, you can always come back home.”


Mama, but it’s been so damn long.

Mama, and I’ve been so damn wrong.

But, what do you do with guys like me?

I create my own misery.

Mama, time for me to move along.



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man.  I need a moment. That's what I get for expecting a recounting of a lunch down at the diner in Mayberry, but getting this instead.

A change of guitars has been known to inspire. . . a Montana beauty you've got there, but the impact would've been the same if played on a cereal box guitar.

maybe a little cameo appearance of your four-legged pal at the end would've snapped me out of it. 


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Thanks for all the kind words.  This song tends to be about a cousin of mine who drifted away from the family back in the late 60’s.  Aside from seeing him at a few funerals, most of us had little contact with him.  Don’t know where he is or what happened to him.>..........It’s true that a guitar can inspire you to write.  Playing the J200 the last several days led me to new lines, melodies and directions.  All my guitars can inspire me.  This time it’s the J200.

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