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On October 23, 2020 at 5:46 AM, fortyearspickn said:

Not many companies nowadays would replace an expensive item after 13 years, in spite of their claims of a "Lifetime Warranty".   Some guy in QC in Memphis had a bad day and let one slide - but their management stepped up and over compensated.  Methinks most companies would have just re-fretted it for you.       I wonder if Guitar Center  STILL  has a policy of not rejecting obvious defects from Gibson?  I wonder if they extend this flawed thinking to Martin ?    If I were Gibson,  I'd insist they do their job and help keep defective guitars with their name on it - out of the hands of customers who like them.    If I were me, I'd not buy from GC knowing they pass marginal goods on to customers.   And, yes, I've bought a few hi-end things with string from them in the past few years.  

I have had Guitars replaced by Gibson under their Lifetime Warranty.. They have been excellent in my experience..

Also, my experience with Martin is equally as good.. I sent them my 35 year old Martin D35 for Warranty Work.. I bought it new in 1975. That Guitar had been rode hard playing Coast to Coast for all those years..  In my situation the Guitar was repairable.. They literally rebuilt my Guitar! At no cost...

I did have them do a re-fret & add Fishman Electronics which I paid for..

The Guitar came back like new & still looks, sounds & plays better than any Acoustic I've ever played...

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I’m glad to hear how great Gibson customer service and how they took care of you. I’m a little sorry to read this in the sense that I believe my 2006 SG has this same fret issue  and now I probably will probably notice it way more. Thankfully the frets on my 2020 LP are flawless

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