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On the pillow of fear

Marcus Nalgaber

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On the pillow of fear



 I dreamed 
that my feet were chasing 
each other
in the dark
among the cracks of a day 

I dreamed 
that I was flying
over a field  
of white faces
that shone
under the light 
of a sad moon ...

I dreamed
that I was walking
no walking
it was the Earth 
that moved
under my feet

How many flags fighting
against the storms they did

I dreamed
 that a street emerged
 between night and life
full of people hidden 
in the shadows 
of their wounds

and that a drum sound
shaking the corners
puting out the streetlights 
with the fury of a hydra

and that it was me
the one that ran
between tears and fire

When I dream
on the pillow
of my fears

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