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Ouch!  Any idea what  happened to it?  Dropped?  Car accident?

On this Gibson website there is a Gibson Repair & Restoration communication link.  Try going to the main site and look under Support and when that shows, scroll down a bit without clicking on Support, and you can find it.    Hope that helps.  Let us know how they respond, okay.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff

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Obviously somebody didn't like the music you play.

Assuming you have the pieces, that will be a heck of a cleating job.

This repair raises a number of questions. Can this be repaired so that the guitar's sound is not compromised, or will the end result be an instrument that is a "shelf queen"?

And will the cost be so great that it would be cheaper to simply buy another instrument?

My knowledge of Gibson guitars is limited, so I have no idea whether this particular instrument has vintage significance, which would impact on whether or not to have the repair made, regardless of cost.

Having said all that, for me the most interesting details are knowing how the repair would be done.

In any event, I hope all goes well getting this resolved to your satisfaction.



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Splicing in a piece of mahogany is certainly a doable repair.  The art comes into how well they hide the fact that even if the wood was cannibalized off another LG0  (assuming that is what the guitar is) the grain will not match up.   Unless you really do not care about aesthetics, it will probably require at least a full rim refinish  if not the whole body with a darker mahogany stain. 

The real question in these cases is how willing are you to possibly end up underwater in terms of  the value of the instrument.    I am only too familiar with this one.  One that is  not to be unexpected results of having a thing for Harmonys and Kays.  Thing is, I have never regretted it and if asked would I do it again will answer" Oh Yeah."  

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3 hours ago, QuestionMark said:

Take a close look at the top, also..  It looks like there is some kind of band of goop or a giant raised ridge about the size of an inch over the pickguard extending a little bit past it towards the neck.    Unless it’s an optical illusion.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


DonnieLee has definitely left us (10+ hrs ago) a bit of a mystery. Knowing the guitar's model might help in deciding how to proceed with the repair. No goop or ridge seen by these eyes- only an unbound neck, but a mustache bridge with the more vintage style circular bridge pin location, and... is that a stair step,  (J-55 style) forward edge of the pickguard, but with a Hummingbird/J200 contour around the bridge of the 'guard (which seems to show some sort of graphics)? Missing some back bracing?

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