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Are all Chinese made Epi Riviera's thin body?


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Got this Epi Riviera today. Had one before. Made in China 2011 model I believe. I seem to remember my other one was a thinner body and it was around the same vintage? I couldn't swear to it but this one to me looks about as thick as a Dot or Sheraton

Other issue is the nut is a lot higher on the bass side. I thought at first it mustn't be sitting in the wood slot correctly at first but it is actually sitting at least 1mm, maybe 2 higher on the bass E string side. Is this normal or has it been replaced and someone done a bad job. Most guitars I have seen the top of the nut is always parallel with the fretboard


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The body shape and size will be the same, with some variation from some decades usually with the 'ears' on the body.

The thickness would have been consistent if they were both riviera.

A correctly cut nut should sit with the top height around half of the thickness of the string, given that the bass strings are thicker it wouldn't run truly parallel, but shouldn't be 2mm higher. The stock nuts around 2011 weren't the best, I had to change them on my 2010 and 2012. Sounds like your nut has either been replaced or adjusted as a DIY job, but if it doesn't bind, buzz or damp the strings it would be fine.

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This one was in terrible shape. The bridge was actually what I could only describe as rotten. All of the intonation adjusters corroded into the slots. one of the bridge posts was actually corroded / welded into the bridge. Was very lucky to get it off and be able to unscrew the string posts (ordered a Wilkinson). I have never seen so much grime and rubbish on a guitar and the action was at least 5mm off the fret board. I have bought literally hundreds of used guitars over the years and this is the worst one I have seen. I mean its been abused, looks like it has been left in the weather. Its a testament to the Chinese manufacturers how well this thing has cleaned up. Their paint finishes are exceptional. To my eye it looks like the neck is twisted, I can't check for certain until I get the new bridge and restring it. It could be due to the nut being proud one side it makes it look that way to the eye.  If it is would be the first modern guitar I ever had with this condition.

Do all replacement nuts come as a standard height or are they different and need to be sanded down per guitar same as an acoustic bridge?


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