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NGGD at last!


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New Gibson Guitar Day

Ordered Feb 6 - picked up yesterday Oct28 - my first Gibson.

2020 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1957 SJ-200 Vintage Sunburst.


Amazing depth and surprising versatility - it's magnificent!

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14 minutes ago, jdgm said:

Congratulations.  Beautiful finish too by the look of it [love].

I want one.  They are expensive now in the UK.

I have a really nice clean Epiphone EJ-200 I bought used back in 2018.

My new Gibson cost a little over 30 times more.

Are they similar?

Not even close - this is a whole new class.

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9 minutes ago, BluesKing777 said:



It has made it here after all that wait. Looking good!

How was the drive and the shop in Nowra? 





Hi BK - left home 6.45am got back 5.15pm. Roadworks and a (red)  P-plater on it's roof  outside Bega slowed us up a bit. Small shop, one at a time. Did a superb set up which is much appreciated.

I've left my Huss & Dalton on consignment with them - beautiful guitar but neck width a fraction too wide for me - the Gibson is perfect.

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18 minutes ago, Brucebubs said:

Question for Gibson aficionados - on my Gibson Certificate of Authenticity the guitar is called a '1957 SJ-200' but on the label inside the guitar it is called '1957 J-200' ... they drop the 'S'?


Usually called SJ-200, but J-200 will work in pinch, too!

Beautiful guitar !!!

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1 hour ago, PatriotsBiker said:

Woohoo, congratulations and you rule! Great patience bonus points, too. Nice looking guitar, for sure. I hope to try one of those baked-top Maples out some day.  I love the baked top on my RW edition.

Enjoy it!

I think your pre-war version is the best looking guitar in the whole new Historic series and this '57 in Vintage Sunburst is 2nd.

First thing that hit me was the depth of the sound, amazing ... but still beautifully balanced.

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