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007 Passed Away


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Yes, found out today he passed.  While I saw all of Sean's Bond movies, He wasn't my favorite Bond.  He was too serious,  I loved Roger Moore the best of them all. Then Sean.  Although as Sean Connery aged, I thought he became a better actor.  Loved Highlander and a lot more. 

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He was the best Bond,  and from all reports a true gentlemen.  

In 64 when Goldfinger was released my older brother bought me a *****galore Flying Circus tee shirt. It had the same logo as the one painted on the airplanes in the movie, I got sent ho,e from high school for wearingit to school.

I wish I still had it. The value has gone up a bit


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8 minutes ago, ghost_of_fl said:


My dad's 5 word Connery impression: 

"I want to sh*t with you". 



Anyone that hasn't seen Darrell Hammond do Mr. Connery playing Jeopardy during his time on Saturday Night Live should run onto the interwebs to see it.


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