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Worst to Best Guitars Under $600


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All true, I disagree with him frequently, the Mexican built Fenders scored pretty high but he didn't mention the Indonesian built Fender Modern Players. Anyway their were a few surprises, remembering this was a point of view from a repairman. There could have smaller swaths like from below 300 then 600 to 300 the 900 to 600 an so on, which could have stirred thing up bit. But over all, for me, it was an interesting to hear what he thought.

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35 minutes ago, Marky Forrest said:

Enjoyed the videos, thanks.

BTW - did you ever change the tubes in your Stage Right? I didn't mod mine at all and it seems to be sounding better as time goes on. Maybe it's just me.

My Stage Right's are still all stock and like you said seem to sound better with age...

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