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New Gibson calibrated t-type humbuckers, any thoughts?

Mike Manhost

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They are a little brighter, chimey pickups that are great for rock style. For jazz I reduced the treble on my amp down a little and then it  sounded great. Nothing not to like. 

I would rather have brighter pickups that you can reduce on your amp settings than a muddy sound that you can't brighten too well.

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some more info here

Can you tell us about the development of the Calibrated T-Type pickups?

“That was something Jim DeCola was working on. Some of the most musical and underrated Gibson pickups ever were those made in the late 60s through the 1970s, with the ‘T’ on the top of the bobbins. Jim remade them as ‘T-Type’ instead of ‘T-Top’ since they are covered anyway and we weren’t going to remould the bobbins.

“But otherwise they are the same specs. Alnico V magnets of course. And ‘Calibrated’ refers to the fact that they are intentionally selected for neck and bridge – slightly underwound neck pickups and slightly overwound bridge pickups. We selected them for the Gibson USA ES models because they sounded too good not to use them!”


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