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Epiphone Jack Casady - Replacement Parts?

Rafael López

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Hello everyone:

My name is Rafael and I am new to this forum, although I am not new to Epiphone. I have owned an Epiphone EB3 for years and recently purchased a second hand Epiphone Jack Casady, 20th anniversary edition. I'm very happy with both instruments so good job Epiphone!

The fact is that the Epiphone Jack Casady is missing a part, specifically the switch plate, which is the part below the switch button.

So I was wondering where can I get that piece? And in general, where can you get parts or spare parts for Epiphone instruments?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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Hello, have you had any luck finding your switch plate? I have the exact same problem; I just bought a second hand Jack Casady bass and the previous owner removed that plate for some obscure reason... I like my guitars to be 100 % stock, and I love the look of that plate on my ebony model, so... any help would be appreciated. Thank you, 


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