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Jack plate - Pat Matino Custom

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the gold jack plate on my Pat Martino Custom (2002) has oxidized and I would like to replace it. However, I cannot find the proper replacement. It is rectangular (not square as found on the LP) and looks like the jack plate on the Explorer. I am hoping someone will know if the plate from the Explorer will work. There may be an issue with the degree of curve e.g. not enough or too much.  If someone has a source for the correct jack plate let me know!

Thanks all...

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I'm sorry no-one has replied to your query!  I guess nobody has an answer - or a  Pat Martino  Custom.

Gibson gold plating is notoriously thin (a few microns) and very prone to this oxidization process.  I don't know if an Explorer plate would fit but it could be bent if necessary, of course it would be very easy to damage/scratch it in the process.  

As for your original plate, Google or search for (jewelry) plating/anodizing near you.  It is such a small item that you have to find someone who will do a one-off, but as jewelry has to be re-plated it shouldn't be impossible.  

Good luck!

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