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Triple Shot


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Seymour Duncan unveils Triple Shot Switching Mounting Ring.


This allows one to have the switching options on the pup mounting ring instead of using push/pulls or mini-toggle switches. Sounds pretty cool to me.


Now I'm thinking, what can I do with this AND utilizing all 4 push/pulls? I'd like to put a Duncan P-rails into a 335 and have all 3 tonal options, wire them in series, in/out of phase and whatever else I can think of.


What do you guys think?



Triple Shot by Seymour Duncan

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Sweet. What you should do is mount that into a dark fire with JP wiring, 4 push/pulls, etc, and plug through Guitar Rig 3 into an 8000-pedal rack (make sure each pedal has at least 200 presets) and then into a Marshall JVM 410. Your tones would be limitless! (well... that's the theory, anyway...)

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