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Wall hangers that are Gibson finish safe?


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I'm going to convert a room in my basement to a recording studio. I want to get some wall hangers to hang my guitars on. Which ones are safe with Gibson finishes? Are there any that Gibson recommend themselves? I don't want the wall hangers to cause any issues with the finish on my guitars.  I've seen some people wrap them with cloth. Maybe that's the way to go?

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I've got a Hercules wall hanger and a floor stand. Never had any problem with either.  Have three other wall hangers - QuickLok    https://www.quiklok.com/product/qf-410-acoustic-guitar-display-hanger/ - that my guitars reside on unless being played. No problem there either for over 7 years.  I would think most problems reported were due to the nitrocellulose not being 'cured' or hardened  -  if the guitar is brand spanking new.  Or, if someone cleaning house sprayed the guitar hanger with some foreign cleaning chemical.  Consider, as you plan, another potential problem -  Which wall you use.  Hanging a guitar next to a cold, damp outer basement wall might do more damage than a stand.    Even above ground, you should avoid exterior walls.  We built a house once - and I went out to inspect the progress.  The guy putting the insulation in the walls ran out with just 7 or 8 feet to go.  They were already putting up the wall board.  He had left completely uninsulated  the entire area surrounding the whirlpool/spa type master bathtub!   

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