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Finally found a drummer!


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Hey guys, I know I haven't been around a lot lately, but I have some exciting news.

After almost 8 months of searching, we've finally found a steady drummer who can actually play... we jammed last week and within a couple of hours we already had a new song. (productive, eh?) Hopefully it'll work out... the town I live in only has a population of about 1100 people, so there isn't a whole lot to choose from as far as musicians go, but this new guy seems to be pretty reliable. The only thing now is that he has to learn all the songs we've been writing for the last while... (luckily, we've recorded most of them with me laying down the drum tracks so he at least has an idea what to play.) Wish us luck!


side note: Dani California is so much more fun to cover when you actually have percussion... but desperate times can call for desperate measures...

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That's great! Good for you.

We burned out last one.

The one before that we sold his drum kit to pay his bar tab.

The one before that is in the grey bar hotel for dealing speed.

The one before that we kicked off the tour bus in the middle of Interstate 101 somewhere south of Salinas.

Yeah... that's great! Good for you.

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Not ever being in a band.... Is there issues with drummers??


Well I hate to generalize, but the short answer is yes. Our drummer could play anything but he had a knack for literally not showing up to gigs. His idol was Animal from the Muppets and, yes, he was a true animal. We all did stupid things but he always lead the way. It would take a 5 year HBO series to explain all the crazy stuff he did. We haven't gigged in 15 years but we've been jamming again and he's still a great player, but now has a much better sense of responsibility (having a teenage daughter will do that!). I'm excited about playing out again, even though my chops are shot.

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