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Gibson 1930's L-00 Classic Ebony 2015 on the way


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Now it’s confession time... In order to do this, I had to have a heart-to-heart with myself about how many guitars—and which ones—I really want and/or need.

First, I have barely played at all this year, and that’s been worrisome (but understandable), yet that’s not the reason for the shake-up.

Next, I do have a left shoulder issue that crept up on me, which makes playing comfort a consideration.  (I know that might be temporary in the very long run, but it’s likely to be a factor for a while yet.)

Long-term, my dream guitar has always been a 12-fret L-00 tuxedo. Small, sassy, and sweet. Mind you, the other side of the dream coin (sort of) has always been a maple jumbo. Expressive, versatile, and responsive.

So, on the wall now at my local shop are my J45 Elite (a 2014 5-star dealer custom shop model) and the li’l ‘33 Kalamazoo. 

The J45 is a dear—but it’s not comfortable in a chair—it’s heavy and awkward in my lap—and I haven’t reached for it in awhile. (The shape of my J100 makes it work as a lap guitar, oddly, so I’ll never part with it, for just a whole bunch of reasons.) 

When I got the Kalamazoo, I was giddy—with its sound, its size, it’s allure. On the one hand, its age suggested it didn’t need to be babied, but...I couldn’t help but worry about it anyway. I didn’t love the pronounced V neck, which required a certain posture to play comfortably, so I hadn’t reached for it in a long while, either.  Still, it was a grand, affordable experiment, and I have been very fond of it. For sure, the experience cemented for me that I definitely need a small hog in the stable.

Now, we all know that L-00 models are all over the map as far as features and sonic qualities go, and I wasn’t impressed with several iterations I’ve tried over the years. (Might have gambled on a Legend, but never played one.) 

But the year after I got the J45, I saw Tony P’s demo of this L-00 model—and have fixated on it for years.  It, too, is a 5-star dealer custom model (for both models, only 65 units were made), and I believe Gibson was hitting these models out of the park. About a year ago, one of these came up on reverb, but it was gone in a flash.  

Last week, this one came up. I didn’t jump...but I did take the J45 and the Kal down to the shop.  And felt okay about it. When this one was still available yesterday, well...it was all a girl could bear. 

It should arrive Tuesday. 

Which reminds me to ask the brain hive:  where temps along the shipping route probably won’t dip lower than the mid-40s or higher than the upper 60s, how long after it arrives am I allowed to open the case?? 🤓🤓

Thanks for reading, gents—I did want to fill in the details a bit.

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Congrats, Anne.

I always allow mine to sit overnight before unpacking, but I'm also a master of deferred gratification.

Given your description of the weather along the route, you should probably be able to open it whenever you want.

Congratulations. Can't wait to see and hear this little beauty.

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