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I got an SG standard about a year ago. I'm thinking about installing new pickups so I can get a sound as close as the SG standard 61. Right now I've picked two possible sets:

1. Seymour Duncan Hot-Rod set (JB & Jazz Pickups)

2. 490R & 498T pickups 

Which do you think I should try? I am also open to any other suggestions. 

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I'm not sure what year SG Standard you have, but if you bought it new about a year ago then the 2019 comes with the 490R (neck) already and has the 490T (bridge). I have a 2018 SG Standard, and this year models the '61 SG. It comes with the 61R (neck) and 61T (bridge). I'm an SG guy and it's the best guitar I own, even better than my good wood era guitars (that's blasphemy! haha).

So if you happen to have the 2018 SG Standard, you don't need to do a thing to make it sound like the '61.

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The 490R and 498T are a great set of pickups and have been installed many SGs.

But if you are wanting to sound like the SG Standard 61, you will need either the 61R/61T combo as used on the Standard 61, or a nice pair of 57 Classics.   Either of these will get you there.  

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