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1968 J50 Adj Factory Second

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I have a 1968 J50 Adj factory second. I got the guitar new when I was 12 years old. I have owned it for 52 years now and am certain of its history. I refer to it as "my oldest friend". It has a "2" stamped on the back of the headstock above the serial number and to the right of center. Some wonder what a Gibson second is and if they should buy one. I know my guitar quite well and here are the "faults" of this guitar that got it classified as a second. On the fretboard at the 13th fret is a small soft spot or divot that is about 1/8" wide at its widest with hardly any depth to it. It is just a "spot" that has no effect on playability. The bookmatched ends on the soundboard at the lower bout have a wave in the grain instead of being straight. There you have it. That's it. Several players have told me that this guitar is one of the easiest playing, best sounding acoustics they have ever played. Should you buy a vintage Gibson second? My advice is to inspect it closely and play it. If it has no glaring faults and it plays and sounds good, and the price is right then go for it. 




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