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The woman that became invisible

Marcus Nalgaber

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The woman that became invisible

The train is leaving 
you go in it
I stayed there
wrapped by the coat
you gave me
and that made me invisible 
a long time ago
a long time ago

I didn't see your face looking for me
I didn't see your mouth calling me
I didn't see your hand on the glass
leaving a trace
of a try

I didn't see anything 
that made me feel good x2
I thought
lost there
on the platform

surrounded by goodbyes
comings and goings
nothing was mine
nothing was mine

I am a tramp
through my destiny 
my soul hurts
it hurts my soul x2

and although the air 
smells of wood
it smells bitter to me

of dreams that burn
of hands that 
do not-do not caress
to lips that become dry
'cayse their unspoken words x2

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