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Fix for output jack on Gibson Firebird 2015 sought

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I have a Gibson Firebird 2015, and although it for some reason  allegedly suffers from poor resale value (I'll sell every one of my internal organs that aren't absolutely critical for my survival) I passionately love everything about it - everything except one thing, which is driving me mad(der). There's a reason why the 2015 model is the only one with the output jack on the side. I've never come across any jack as crappy as the one on my Firebird - the jack on my amazingly fabulous Hannah Montana Pocket Amp is far superior to the one on the Firebird, even with my own shoddy soldering I haven't managed to create anything that rivals the "world-class craftsmanship" produced by "the world's most iconic guitar brand" that's "dedicated to quality"... 😤 Sorry everyone, and sorry Gibson - I wouldn't own ten of your guitars if I didn't love the brand - but this one output jack...
From a long rant to a concise description of the problem: it's seemingly impossible to get the jack socket secured tight enough to the guitar body that it won't sooner or later (sooner) start spinning freely, and as a result break off the wires. I've resoldered the despicable thing well over ten times in the two or so years I've owned the guitar, and by now I'm prepared for radical measures of some sort... I'm considering drowning the thing in so much epoxy or superglue that the socket will remain bonded to the guitar, and the wires to the socket, until the end of time. However, I'd really prefer not to mess up my Darling Dearest in that way, and it'll cause serious problems when the socket itself will eventually need to be replaced... Please, please help me... 😥

Any experience of the same and each and every suggestion - demonic pacts included - will be greatly appreciated!



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I have a Gibson with a similar jack.  Yours looks harder to get at than mine.  It has to be tightened from inside (as you know only too well!) using the thumbwheel washer and you need a very thin spanner or needle-nose pliers, which of course will eventually strip the damn thing. 

The solution is to find a thin lock washer with little 'teeth' that will bite into the wood.  This would go on the barrel of the jack socket before you put the  retaining washer on and when you tighten it (with a tool) it ought to keep things steady for a lot longer.   Even a thin rubber washer would help.  It's all down to keeping that retaining washer nice and tight.

I really would NOT use any glue as it's one of those things you will wish you hadn't done, later on.

My other suggestion is to email StewMac with pics and a description of the problem. They should have a fix for this!


Good luck!

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